KBF Northwest and Western regions Merge

Recently many of our anglers had voiced their opinion about merging the Northwest and western regions in the KBF challenges. Kayak Bass Fishing representatives sent out a mass email taking a poll from anglers in both regions. The poll was to see how many anglers wanted the merger, and the results were unanimous. Nearly everyone who responded to the email was on board for the merger. Today they decided to merge both regions, into a super region.

Here are some of the benefits from the merger:

1.       Easier to reach the minimum thresholds to compete and win
2.       More choices on where to fish
3.       One KBF National Championship Qualifying slot per month for the combined Super-Region, which increases to 2 when you pass 50 registrants.
4.       More competitors means more of a challenge to win that one slot (where there were fewer competitors vying for two slots, originally)
5.       One bonus rather that two (one per region) if a KBF BONUS BUCKS participant takes first place.
6.       One $50 cash prize when the combined number reaches 30 rather than one for each region.



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